8 Tips To Consider When Buying A Treadmill

 8 Tips To Consider When Buying A Treadmill

The right home treadmill can assist you with getting thinner reasonably, integrate wellness into your day to day existence, and appreciate practice from the solace of your home whatever the climate. On the off chance that you're on the chase after another home treadmill, more deeply study how to find your ideal coordinate with the assistance of our free treadmill purchasing guide underneath. It covers what elements to search for while perusing treadmill choices and how you can set aside time and cash en route.

8 Tips To Consider When Buying A Treadmill
 8 Tips To Consider When Buying A Treadmill

This treadmill purchasing guide is partitioned into two areas. The initial segment gives a treadmill shopping warm-up including five straightforward treadmill purchasing tips to set aside you time and cash. Section two focuses in on the key treadmill parts in more detail to assist you with understanding how to purchase a machine with the right engine power, track size and different elements to suit your singular exercise needs. At the point when you arrive at the finish of the aide and are more acquainted with key treadmill terms and elements, you will be prepared to investigate which brands and models are appropriate for you. To assist with this, the aide finishes up with connections to our legitimate treadmill surveys and in general brand audits.

Instructions to BUY A TREADMILL


For what reason would it be advisable for you to heat up before treadmill shopping? There's two primary reasons which come into view. You, right off the bat, need to keep away from cerebrum sprain! With a colossal exhibit of brands, models and offers available, treadmill shopping can overpower. Heating up will assist you with reducing your choices and give you a more clear thought of what you are searching for. Besides, organizations play cost games. In the event that you don't have the foggiest idea about the standards, you could wind up feeling cheated rather than content with your choice. Figure out how to purchase a treadmill shrewdly with these basic hints and deceives.


How much room could you at any point offer a treadmill in your home, and where are you going to put it? To save time prior to shopping, measure the floor space you intend to put your treadmill on. On the off chance that you're thinking about a collapsing treadmill, additionally measure any space (L x W x H) you need especially for capacity. Treadmill aspects are generally distributed, and keeping this data convenient makes you a more effective customer. Remember that the necessary running space, which you can work out through the treadmill belt size, can likewise affect the general impression of the treadmill. We suggest a 22″ wide belt for sprinters and 20″ for walkers. Albeit a 20″ belt is adequate for sprinters, it simply leaves somewhat less wiggle room.

When in doubt, at least 50″ in belt length is suggested for walkers, 55″ for sprinters and 60″ for sprinters over 6′ tall.

Whenever you have worked out how much space you really want in your home to have a treadmill, you can begin contemplating treadmill size. Standard home treadmills are around 7′ long and 3′ wide. In spite of the fact that there are many collapsing treadmills available which are altogether more limited, they actually require heaps of room when they're being used.

Searching for a foldable home treadmill? Fortunately, foldable treadmills are currently presented at each cost. Make certain to audit the specs and aspects of any collapsing treadmill you have your eye on prior to purchasing, and measure your space to guarantee you have adequate room. One illustration of an excellent collapsing treadmill for sprinters is the Sole F85. Assuming that you're searching for additional choices, peruse our picks of the best collapsing treadmills when you're prepared.

Invest an excess of energy sitting at work? You ought to attempt a work area treadmill. They work simply equivalent to standard treadmills while likewise giving work area space and can be perfect for supporting efficiency at work. Contingent upon your weight, you can consume between 80-180 calories each hour strolling at a moderate speed; that depends on 1,440 calories in a solitary work day!


Do you imagine loosening up strolls, extreme running or in the middle between? Responding to this question will assist you with reducing your treadmill determination by engine power. The heavier the activity you expect, the more powerful engine you will require. We will investigate engine power in more detail in the second segment of this aide.

Your solution to the above question can likewise assist you with picking the track size for your exercise needs. Walkers can set aside cash by picking more limited treadmill tracks and sprinters (particularly tall sprinters) will require more space to loosen up.


TREADMILL Under $500

Treadmills under $500 are exceptionally low-end, so in any event, when $499 mirrors a profound markdown we'd continue with heaps of wariness. In this cost range, the guarantees are much of the time void after only 90 days. These treadmills can be helpful for periodic strolling or running during terrible climate, however on the off chance that you use them routinely or seriously they could separate inside a couple of months. Normal weaknesses incorporate unstable casings, loud belts, tiny exercise regions, flashing information screens and insignificant exercise programming.

TREADMILL Under $800

A little minority of treadmills under $800 procure high scores in our surveys. Most machines evaluated around $799 can serve bother free for essentially a year, particularly when they're utilized only for strolling, however providing overall round excellent at this price is troublesome. For the most part, customers need to pick either solidness and connecting with highlights. For instance, you could get a manual grade here, however perhaps not a power slant. You could get a contact pulse screen, however not a more precise remote heartbeat peruser. For assist figuring out the choices you with canning see our rundown of best "modest" treadmills.

TREADMILL Under $1,000

With about $1,000 to spend at a major treadmill deal, a walker or jogger can discover a few extraordinary deals. A portion of these machines have full costs around $1,499 and have parts and work inclusion for two or three years. The best purchases have full tracks, unobtrusive power slants and a decent assortment of exercise programs. With respect to their showcases, exemplary LCD screens are most normal on treadmills under $1,000, however here and there 7-inch contact screens are accessible as well. These treadmills normally furnish speakers with an AUX port for you to stream music or pay attention to web recordings, and are at times viable with remote pulse transmitters. See our rundown of best treadmills under $1,000 for certain choices in this cost range.

TREADMILL Under $1,500

The most well known home treadmills for sprinters and serious walkers have full costs around $1,999 and up, yet you can arrange one for $1,499 during deals. Contrasted and treadmills under $1,000, these cardio coaches are more powerful and more agreeable to utilize. They are additionally outfitted with better highlights, for example, more extreme power slants, bigger touch screens, improved exercise choices, for example, pulse controlled exercise programs, and here and there, remote chest lashes. See our rundown of best treadmills under $1,500 for certain choices in this cost class.

TREADMILL Under $2,000

Our first class home treadmills under $2,000 have great execution, state of the art gadgets, and every one of the solaces of fitness center treadmills. The best treadmills in this cost class are great for eager sprinters and for families with more than one student. Probably the most significant highlights of these treadmills are found in the background. Machines costing a cycle less could seem to be comparative (with 10″ touch screens and extensive tracks, for example) however will not be guaranteed to persevere as lengthy or proceed too. The best treadmills under $2,000 will quite often have greater belts that last longer than others in their cost class. These more excellent belts may likewise be without upkeep instead of different belts that require periodic waxing. These treadmills are normally likewise furnished with better padding frameworks, which have a major effect on solace and perseverance and have even been displayed to help calorie consume rates.

TREADMILL $2,000 and Up

Premium treadmills are much of the time deal estimated at $2,000 at up, with full costs coming to $3,500 or more. This class incorporates slant coach treadmills (incredible for calorie consume), extremely rapid treadmills for long distance runners, and all-round extravagance treadmills for ordinary activity at any power. These cardio mentors convey light business guarantees or potentially extremely lengthy private guarantees. Features differ among the treadmill brands and models, yet a few top elements in this top level include: exceptionally high most extreme paces, superb retention of shock and sound, extra-enormous screens, web-empowered touch screens, coordinated TV, and wellness tests notwithstanding standard exercises. The best-esteem models in this cost range have support free tracks and reversible decks which give them two times the life.

Various models inside a similar value class can change in elements and execution fundamentally. Our top to bottom treadmill surveys walk you through how explicit models contrast and one another. You can likewise involve our arrangements of best treadmills by cost as a kind of perspective.


Most treadmills have exceptional highlights. Such elements aren't required for cardio preparing, yet they can further develop the activity experience and assist with keeping you spurred. Models are preset exercise programs, Bluetooth speakers and TVs. You ought to survey which treadmill additional items will really assist you with meeting your wellness objectives and which ones will go unused. Speaking the truth about your requirements for direction and interruption during preparing is a significant piece of sorting out which treadmill is appropriate for you.

Here are probably the most down to earth exceptional highlights treadmill customers ought to consider:

1. Automated Incline

Treadmills with inclines make exercise more interesting by varying your ride. They also have three very practical benefits: they make treadmill exercise easier on your joints, allow faster calorie burn and support better muscle definition.

You may be thinking about how much incline you would actually use on your treadmill and how much incline you should be using to maximize calorie burn. Most home treadmills today have maximum inclines of 10, 15, and 20%. Incline trainer treadmills have maximum inclines of 40%; these allow you to burn calories at a runner’s pace by simply walking.

2. Workout Programs

Most home treadmills today offer built-in workout programs that control their speed and incline. Keep in mind that the cheapest treadmills only work in manual mode and that treadmill workout menus vary in size and variety. Often this programming justifies a price hike, so be sure that you would take advantage of the additional workout guidance before you sacrifice the extra dollars.

Beyond the preloaded workout options, you can now choose to add extra workout technology to your purchase with many treadmill brands. Here are a couple of options you might want to pursue:

iFit offers users unlimited personalized workouts through their monthly membership, which often comes free with certain brands’ treadmill purchase for a limited time. As well as accessing hundreds of video workouts delivered by personal trainers from fitness studios around the world, the iFit Google Maps app lets you draw any route in Google Maps and virtually experience it with your treadmill! Besides being immersed in a Google Street View of your choice, you’ll experience the rise and fall of terrain as the treadmill incline/decline responds to the programming. The treadmill brands that currently offer iFit are NordicTrack, HealthRider and ProForm.

Passport Virtual Active workout programs are delivered through interactive videos. A Passport player works with your home TV to immerse you in scenic settings with ambient sound, and as your workout speed changes, the video and audio adjusts accordingly. Passport is compatible with most treadmills by Horizon Fitness and Vision Fitness.

Wireless Pulse Monitors can help you exercise more efficiently by providing accurate heart rate data. Wireless heart rate monitors offer the most accuracy, and some treadmills with wireless monitors also offer heart rate control; their preset workout programs will adjust to help you stay in your target heart rate zone.

3. Treadmill Accessories

Most treadmill brands allow you to personalize your purchase. As you seek out the best treadmill for your specific needs, keep in mind that there are a number of unique accessories to help you reach your unique fitness goals. Just a few extras you can consider as you weigh up your options include:

Treadmill Mats: A treadmill mat can improve the durability of your treadmill and the flooring underneath, especially if you plan to place your machine on carpet. They also make it easier to clean the floor around your treadmill and minimize the noise caused by the vibration of using your machine.

Treadmill Cleaning Materials: You want your treadmill to last. A great way to ensure this is to buy the proper cleaning materials to help it stand the test of time, including cleaning solutions and brushes specific to your treadmill. It’s best to wait until you receive your owner’s manual to ensure you purchase the appropriate materials for your machine.

Entertainment Accessories: Don’t want to invest in a treadmill with a built-in screen? Maybe you already have a treadmill and just want to update it with the latest accessories, or instead want to use the technology you already have. For this, you could buy a tablet holder so you can use your tablet or iPad while you workout or a reading rack so you can enjoy a book or magazine using your e-reader. You could even buy a TV stand to put in front of your treadmill so you can catch up on your shows whilst you burn calories.

Some other special features to consider are on/off cushioning, workout fans, water bottle holders, tablet computer holders, touch screens, and HD TV.


It’s wise to try a treadmill before inviting it home for good. You can test various brands in sporting goods stores and in some department stores such as Sears. However, if you do decide to test in-store and find your perfect match, be sure to buy your treadmill online! Usually the manufacturer’s website offers the best deal once you consider online discounts, sales tax, treadmill delivery and consumer protections. 

If testing a treadmill isn’t feasible, then it’s especially important to read honest reviews featuring feedback from real customers; this is something we take seriously in our review process. We’ll give you the inside scoop about which home treadmills you should put at the top of your list, which ones seem like quality health club treadmills and so forth.


Treadmills are advertised with lists of their “specs” or specifications. Whether these features are fantastic or you could get better value elsewhere, marketers manage to make them all sound pretty great. Read this section to get a better understanding of how to buy a treadmill with elements that honestly fit your needs.


A treadmill’s motor powers the track. Treadmill motor power is described in terms of horsepower (HP) or continuous horsepower (CHP). CHP is the most useful thing to take into consideration because it indicates how much power a motor can put out continuously versus just at its peak. Most home treadmill motors have somewhere between 2.25 and 4.25 CHP. You can find some treadmills with 1.5 CHP or 5.0 CHP motors, but this is a minority.

How much treadmill motor power do you need? That depends on the type of exercise you plan to do on your treadmill and your body weight. For people weighing up to 200 pounds, here are our general recommendations:

  • Walking: Choose 2.0 CHP or higher
  • Jogging: Choose 2.5 CHP or higher
  • Running: Choose 3.0 CHP or higher

If you weigh over 200 pounds then it’s a good idea to add another 0.5 CHP, because a motor running at nearly full capacity will wear out faster than one with more power to spare.

Most treadmill motors today are under lifetime warranty, but cheaper models offer much shorter motor warranties (anything from 2 to 25 years of coverage), so it’s best to check with a sales representative what’s offered on the machine you’re looking at before purchasing.

Need some more help on how to buy a treadmill with the right motor for you? Review more information on our site.


Track length isn’t of great importance to petite walkers, but it’s important to treadmill users who take longer strides and is especially important to runners. Today’s standards for treadmill track length are 55″ for walking treadmills and 58″ or 60″ for running treadmills. Some treadmills for runners have tracks up to 63″ long; see the brands Landice and BodyCraft for this option.

As for track width, the industry standard is 20″. Extra-wide treadmill tracks are becoming more common and are key for larger trainees; these tracks are usually 22″ inches wide. 


There are three main factors that determine tread belt durability: thickness, metal rollers, and lubrication.

Regarding belt thickness, a two-ply or four-ply tread belt is more durable than one with a single layer. Thicker tread belts also tend to be quieter during use. Most home treadmills that are budget priced or mid-priced have one-ply tracks. This feature might be omitted from the specs list as advertisers boast about thick tracks but tend to keep quiet when tracks are basic.

Another important factor is the metal rollers that propel a track. Rollers with larger diameters put less stress on the treadmill motor and help to extend belt life. A good roller diameter for home treadmills is about 2.5′.

Lubrication is another important aspect of tread belt durability. Treadmill belts must be lubricated for smooth performance. Sometimes this job falls to the treadmill owner, where you’ll treat the track every few months. The best treadmill tracks are maintenance-free; these are usually infused with silicone or another lubricant. Precor treadmill tracks are a good example of these.


Treadmills that support top speeds of 10 mph are adequate for most trainees, but runners who are training for a 5-minute mile will want machines with higher top speeds. Home treadmills that reach 12 mph are increasingly available under $1,000, such as the NordicTrack C 990.


Track cushioning helps protect your joints from the impact of exercise. Compared with road running, cushioned treadmill running typically reduces impact by about 15-40%. Although cushioning is most important for runners, it reduces the impact on anyone’s body by minimizing the risk of injury and promoting stamina. Some treadmills feature adjustable cushioning so that runners can choose their preferred level of support. Advanced treadmill decks have differential cushioning, where you get firm support as you push off the track and more cushioning on landing.


Want faster fitness results? A treadmill incline helps you burn calories more efficiently. It also reduces the stress on your joints and can help you target different muscle groups. Most treadmill tracks can be inclined to a maximum of 10, 15, or 20%. A few brands include small declines on their treadmills too. Most treadmill inclines are motorized; only the cheapest treadmills with inclines require manual incline adjustment.


Most treadmills today are sold with preset workout programs. These help support different exercise goals such as weight loss training and endurance training. Programs automatically control the speed of the treadmill, and they’ll adjust its incline/decline too if applicable.

These days, immersive workout technologies help sell many home treadmills. One popular option is iFit, available on home treadmills by NordicTrack, ProForm and HealthRider. The program offers a whole host of benefits, but is especially enticing due to its unlimited interactive Google Maps workouts. Another great (although more expensive) option is Passport Virtual Active technology, compatible with most treadmills by Horizon Fitness and Vision Fitness. Here, scenic Virtual Active treadmill workouts are shown on your home TV and automatically adjust the speed and intensity of your exercise. 


Extra features on treadmills range from console fans and water bottle holders to Bluetooth speakers, tablet holders and TVs. These features might be worth the extra investment if they motivate you to exercise regularly.


A treadmill’s warranty is an excellent clue from the manufacturer regarding a treadmill’s durability. The typical treadmill warranty includes four parts: frame, motor, parts, and labor.

  • Frame: Many treadmills (including some cheap treadmills) have their frames under lifetime warranty.
  • Motor: Most treadmill motors have lifetime guarantees. Cheaper models offer much shorter motor warranties (anything from 2 to 25 years of coverage), so check with a sales representative before purchasing your machine.
  • Parts: The most variation in treadmill warranties involves parts and electronics. Typically a very cheap treadmill has no warranty or just a 90-day warranty. Slightly more reliable treadmills get one-year parts warranties. The best home treadmills tend to have at least five-year parts warranties. Landice treadmills have lifetime parts warranties.
  • Labor: Labor isn’t included on the cheapest treadmills. Others generally offer one or two years of free labor. However, the quality of labor warranties varies. For example, Landice provides labor in your home for free provided that you live within 60 miles of a dealer. NordicTrack, on the other hand, might expect you to pay shipping costs for machine repair.


Treadmill user weight capacities generally range from 250 to 400 pounds. We recommend choosing a treadmill that can handle at least 50 pounds more than your body weight to help ensure that you don’t strain the motor. If you weigh more than this, you may need to invest in a higher-end product. There are treadmills out there capable of handling up to 500 pounds, but you’ll have to pay more.


You can now find foldable treadmills in every home treadmill price category. With these treadmills, you can fold the treadmill deck upwards after your workout to free up some floor space. Power-assist technology, which is included with some foldable treadmills, makes this process easy regardless of your physical strength.

Some of the smallest treadmills are portable; they are lightweight and have transport wheels. A portable treadmill can typically be stored under a bed, behind a door or in a closet. Generally these are substandard products, but we do have some recommendations in our best treadmills for walkers roundup.


Auto-stop is an important safety feature to many treadmill shoppers who are elderly or infirm, or for those with pets or young children. Auto-stop is usually controlled with a key. When you’re exercising, the key is attached to your body with a lanyard and if you slip, the key will disengage and the treadmill will turn off. What’s more, the key can be removed after each workout session to prevent accidental treadmill activation.


We hope this guide has helped you understand how to buy a treadmill to suit your workout needs. It’s worthwhile to first determine your general needs and preferences, then choose a home treadmill that offers the best combination of components, features, and warranties that fits your home fitness budget.

Where should you start your treadmill search? Try our Treadmill Finder tool alongside our links below for honest treadmill reviews in three categories:

Treadmill Buying Guide FAQs


A few factors to consider when shopping for a treadmill are budget, space, and your workout goals. If you are tight on space, you may want to consider a smaller sized treadmill deck, and folding capabilities. It is also important to look at features such as motor capacity, weight capacity, incline/decline settings, deck cushioning, and workout programs.


Treadmill prices can range anywhere from $500 - $2000+. Typically, the most popular and highest rated treadmills are in the $1500+ price point. That being said, you can always get great deals during sales, so make sure you check our website for best pricing.


Some of the most popular and highly rated treadmill brands in the market are NordicTrack, Sole, ProForm, and Horizon. You can check out our review pages for each individual brand to get more information.

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